December, 2021
Repino, Primorskoye Hwy, 424
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About restaurant
Eclipse Classic is a gourmet restaurant with a concept built on the "gold" standards of the world's gastronomic classics: the premium food quality is combined with esthetical plating and a high-level service.
The restaurant's menu is based on classic cooking techniques typical for haute cuisine. The a la carte menu has several sections: cold and hot appetizers, soups, pasta, hot meals, and desserts. The RAW section merits particular attention - the fresh seafood is from the restaurant's aqua system. Moreover, we offer our guests at ECLIPSE Classic two options of set perfectly paired with wine.
Under the influence of Sergei Fokin's style classical dishes acquired the author’s signature.
The restaurant serves Norwegian salmon tartare with strawberries and sesame chips, while risotto with casserole of white mushrooms is made from 7 years aged Acquerello rice, famous for its pronounced nutty flavor.


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Italy )
Eclipse Classic is a realization of our
team's dream
of what a perfect
restaurant should be like
The best PR-campaign
of 2020
The gold palm branch of the restaurant business
What? Where? To eat in Saint-Petersburg 2020
The winner of award
Chef of the year 2021
The gold palm branch of the restaurant business
The 6th place among the St. Petersburg restaurants
Nominee of the Where to eat award
The best set of 2021
The winner of award
The best restaurant of Saint-Petersburg
Nominated by Top 100 restaurants of Saint-Petersburg
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Our restaurant is open for the guests and their children over 5 years old, daily wed-sun from 13.00 to 23.00
Classic and evening styles of clothes are welcomed at the restaurant
We a open:
wed-sun from
13:00 до 23:00
Saint-Petersburg, Repino, Primorskoye Hwy, 424
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